10 habits to improve your day

Life is about details and every one of us has limited energy and will as well as your smart phone battery.
These 10 habits will make you feel better with a minimum of spent energy.


We will start after waking up:

1. Kiss and hug the person lying next to you (if possible).
This is one of my most valuable thing, costs nothing and makes me feel happy from the beginning of the day.

In case you are single call your friend or relative during the day.

2. Open the window to let the fresh air flow through your house. It wakes you up and make feel fresh.

3. Set your bed and take your time to make it properly. This is your first work of the day and you see immediately nice result. Have a look at video from admiral William McRaven:

4. Listen to your favorite music and have a look at the sky.
Music makes your body moving and sets your mind. At the moment I like to listen french DJ Kungs, but you can start with Nina Simon – Feeling Good.

5. Exercise is the most challenging thing on my list. You need to develop a habit, it means better do little exercise every day than super training once a year.
I started with few push ups and after half of year I developed my technique and added more exercises and suddenly it becomes part of my morning. Even my grandma does little stretching exercises, so go a head, you will feel healthy and get in better shape.

6. Shower loads your battery, you are clean and ready for deserved:

7. Breakfast. I was not used to breakfast and I rather used to eat at work. The reason I have changed my mind is that I can breakfast and at the same time plan my day, talk to my girlfriend and as a bonus I get my stomach filled.

8. Make a little investment, make your money grow, start as early as you can even with one dollar.
This will make you think more about your finance situation. You realize how hard is it to make rise 1$ to 1.1$ and it also affect the way you spend your money.

9. Have sex. This part was not on the list originally, but my girlfriend would not forgive me if I would not mention it.
Sex has huge effect to your body and mind and it is fun too, so go for your life.

10. Read. Reading could be relaxing or educating, you imagine the situations and it helps your creativity.
I am a terrible reader with speed of one page a day, the positive thing about it is that it makes me fall asleep.

If you do at least one of the things every day, you could be proud of yourselves.

Leave a comment below what are your tips for everyday routine.

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