What’s the best thing about being a writer?


The best thing about being author is that I wake up at 8:30 am at the earliest, then I exercise, have a shower and drink coffee watching through the window the street rush of people who start their morning at 6:00 am.
When I start my day like this I feel myself happier and I very much appreciate that moment. After that I check my e-mails and I educate myself in marketing and programming.
Yes, unfortunately writing on its own is only beginning, I have to feel pressure in my head to put my thoughts on the paper. The best place to write the book is on the farm without any disturbing devices especially cell phone and Internet connection. It is not necessary to write whole book at one day, but at least few paragraphs every day. There is no sense to write the drivel, but rather the main thoughts in my head. I write first on the paper and then I rewrite everything on the computer.
When my book is rewritten I let it edit and translate, because English is not my native language as you can see:-).
I edit books of other authors as well and I like the job, I manage the weekend of reading and editing with few beers and grilled meat.
Back to my day, marketing and programming is a challenge for me, because I am self-taught and stubborn that means that if something does not work as it should I have to fix it even if it is going to take the day.
I try to do only things which makes me fun, otherwise my work does not have any effect. The advantage of being author is the choice of the time I want to work. My most productive time is from 10 am – 13 pm and 20-23 pm. The rest of the time I enjoy the day, cook, swim, dance, study, teach, whatever I like.
I remember in my last job standing in front of the doors of my boss and feeling bit uncomfortable. I do not have this feeling being the author anymore.
Another aspect of being author is that you can travel and work at the same time. I have traveled more than 20 countries and I still enjoy traveling as well as coming back home.
Writing a book is like a being a gardener. With all your senses you absorb inspiration, you plant a little seed in your head then you put all on the paper what makes the seed go out. Then comes the hardest part, watering the seed, taking care of temperature, sunlight, enrich the soil so the flower could fully grow. This part is marketing.

After that you can see beautiful flower which can adore other people.
Becoming an author is the life process, no success comes over night, but every little daily work is finally worth it.

I wish success to you, Petr Baron

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