First book – Eight Dreams New York 0/8 released!

This transformational autobiographical novel will carry you away on a journey of a lifetime. Read the thrilling true story of an underage runaway who followed his gut feeling and shook himself free of all his shackles. With only $13 in his pocket and without any planning, he ran away to New York. His only guide his intuition, his inevitable destination rock bottom – before he found himself.

See NYC through the eyes of a complete stranger who roams the street entirely homeless and speaks only a few phrases of English. Follow him through Harlem at night. Walk with him down Fifth Avenue in the rain, burdened with a heavy backpack. Breakfast with him in the Rescue Mission among the homeless men. Listen to rats rustling under the bench on which he sleeps at night. Escape with him from the clutches of people who are prepared to misuse religion as a means to gain control over individuals. Experience the distress of being alone and cold, of troubles, hunger and pain. But at the same time, meet good, sincere people, and accept genuine help from the most surprising sources. Because all suffering has an end, and everything in life has a purpose. But one first has to reach the bottom – that is where the miracles start happening.

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